Every custom piece created is hand crafted start to finish with you in mind - & as with all great things it takes time. Please allow 3-5 weeks minimum for production, time varying based on size of order. Processing these orders from the production facility to our shipping partner facility takes an additional week. Upon completion of each orders individual packing and boxing tracking numbers will be applied and sent out per update method selected at checkout (text / email). Final ETA is decided and updated by USPS for state bound orders until further notice while an applicable final courier company may otherwise complete the delivery based on final shipping destination where international or otherwise are applicable.

•We are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen packages.
•All international and domestic shipment pricing is based upon weight.
•International shipments may be subject to pay duties and taxes.

Incorrect Addresses: Lost Sins is NOT responsible for incorrect addresses. If the buyer's package is returned to us due to an incorrect address, the buyer is FULLY RESPONSIBLE to cover the cost to reship the package.

(Aforementioned ETA is 3 days per USPS standard pickup to drop off time depending on shipping selected at checkout & time from shipping partner facility to final destination.)